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Tekstvak: Pop van Ver (Doll from far)

Is a dolls webshop that is specialist in Asian and dark dolls and other beautiful articles.
We only have exclusive, high-quality dolls.
Our assortment is extended with some European looking dolls.
Pop van Ver is a Dutch store that is located in Zaandijk.

The Corolle dolls and the Paola Reina dolls are very suitable for the youngest children. The dolls have a vinyl head, hands and feet and a softness fabric body, they are very suitable for children from 0+ months.

We have very beautiful present- ideas for adoption, birth, anniversary etc.
Are you curious, look then further!!!

How to make an order

To order an article is very easy. Send us a mail with your name, address and the order number of the article and we send you as soon as possible the price inclusive the send costs and the during time after we resaved the payment.
When we resaved the payment we offer the package to TNT post they will deliver the package to you.
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